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Old Habits

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No. I haven’t forgotten this blog yet. I know it’s been weeks since my last update but I’ve been busy lately with a new (well not really new) hobby that’s been taking up most of my non-working hours and even my weekends. You see, I started gaining weight immediately after the wedding. I still don’t know how I got here. Pre-wedding day, I was so motivated to lose weight. I changed my diet and exercise a LOT.  Our favorite Adobo and Pork Binagoongan were no longer a part of our weekly meal. Instead we had broccoli, cauliflower or spinach sautéed with either tuna or skinless chicken. We also started eating brown rice, brown bread and even substituted white sugar with raw sugar. It was a lifestyle change basically. But after the wedding, I unknowingly took the wrong turn. I stopped exercising and started eating pork again. It was all good for a few months. But not until I hit the scale and saw how much weight I gained. I felt really bad. I know my body isn’t happy either because my pimple started popping out and felt my back and neck aching. I get so tired easily and felt like a limp vegetable. BAD! BAD! BAD!

And so a few weeks ago, I slowly started exercising again. No change of diet yet but I’ll get there soon. For now, I’m enjoying Gilad’s Body sculpt routine every weekdays and on weekends I do badminton, belly dancing and zumba with friends. It’s a lot more fun if you do activities like this with friends. You can motivate and inspire each other to reach your goal.

Gilad’s routine exercise is no joke. I had serious body ache for 3 days but mind you, that didn’t stop me. I continue to do this every other day and I can already feel my fats melting away and my body toning. If you’re going to do a similar exercise, please please warm up or do some stretching beforehand. Otherwise, you will really injure yourself.


our first ever belly dancing session with matching costume pa! We really enjoyed this, laugh at ourselves the whole time! Look how awkward our hips sway hahahaha. Balang araw magiging sexy din kami hmpf! hahahaha…Love you girls!

424661_3084305219941_1033188375_3087140_2094432464_nOur colorful costumes Instagramed

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