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Wander Seoul Part1

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I promise myself I would finish these Seoul entries even if it’s 2013 already and the trip happened last year. I’m finishing this. Forgive me for the delay pero sayang naman kung di ko ma-ipost tong pictures di ba?

One of the great things about Seoul is its super efficient and well maintained subway. It practically runs the entire city. It is extensive and massive compared to the Singapore’s MRT. One of its disadvantage though was that the number of stairs sadly out numbered the escalators. Imagine our poor feet and legs at the end of every day.

We were surprised to see magazine stalls and vendors of clothes inside the train platform, something you won’t see in Singapore. Amazing that they managed to keep the stations clean and organize.

We thought we were going to missed Seoul’s beautiful autumn colors. It was after all the beginning of winter when we arrived. There was no snow yet. It was freezing cold. Leaves have fallen off the trees and the branches were just waiting to be covered by snow. A depressing site for first time visitors, I know.

We were lucky enough to have seen this colorful spot in Namsan Park. It was in fact the only place in the city where we saw a glimpse of autumn.

Of course, it was a great photo op for us. This was taken very early in the morning, sun rays adding more beauty to the place.

Seoul Tower at Mt. Namsan.

The trees looked dead but they sure have a unique way of being picturesque.

At the top of Seoul tower, we got to experience the 360 degree view of the city. From afar, we saw Han river dividing North and South Seoul. Our Korean friend Jerry said that North Seoul is the old city where most middle class families live. The Southern part is the new and modern Seoul. I believe it’s were the famous Gangnam place is located and where the rich and famous hangout, if you must know.  

How far we were from home.

Seoul, chaotically organized.

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