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Wedding Flowers: Bouquets, Corsages and Boutonnieres

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So, who was our florist?

I had a number of shortlisted Tagaytay florist supplier but I only met up with one. From all the Tagaytay florists I’ve found during my research, Ate Cora of RCJC had the most number of good feedbacks. However, no supplier’s perfect right? So of course they had a fare share of not so good reviews. But after meeting Ate Cora,  I had a strong feeling that I could trust her. I booked RCJC right away after she presented me with the package offer.

Ate Cora was very easy to deal with. All I needed to do was show her pictures of different flower arrangements  and color themes I liked, informed her of our budget, informed her of our reception venue and church, number of guests, number of entourage, and voila! She drafted the package offer right in front of us right then and there! hehehe…I told her from the very start that that we’re not planning to spend too much on flowers so she made sure that the flowers that they’re going to use are in season and inexpensive. I know nothing about flowers, even their names (basta maganda sa picture yun na un! hahaha).  So it was all in Ate Cora’s hands the moment we signed the contract.


My bridal bouquet-–white flowers with shades of pink and green.


WD.RR.03042011.P1.2570mini bouquets for my ‘maids’ of honor—yes, I only needed two! hehehe. I chose not to have bridesmaids anymore to save money. wrist corsages for female secondary sponsors—bouquet’s are much more expensive so I chose this as suggested by Ate Cora

 groom2Groom and male entourage boutonnieres—shades of white and green. again in contrast with the pink dresses. my not so little brothers were our bible and coin bearers. male secondary sponsors were hubbies cousins and one of my brother as well. We had ‘one’ flower girl which was my hubby’s niece and our ring bearer was my one and only nephew. Corsages for ninongs and ninangs and for our moms too. As I said bouquets are much more expensive. Besides, they already have purses as their accessory :)

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Wedding Flowers: Reception and Church

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When we were planning our wedding, we knew from the start that we won’t spend a lot of money on flowers. I think spending hundreds of thousands on flowers alone are impractical and a waste of money. The celebration should be more about the couples and not so much on the wedding embellishments.

Before I met with my florist, I spent time thinking of ways to save money on flowers without making the church and reception area look dull. I found very good tips and advices from a lot of practical brides (believe me they’re out there!) in the internet. I adopted those that I think will work with my plan. A week before our meeting with the florist, I collected many photos of different flower arrangements that I would like my florist to use as an inspiration.

ceremony5ivory and green hydrangeas and roses in square glass vases
Here are my inspirations for the church flowers and reception table center pieces.

Here’s my florist’s interpretation.

My motif was watermelon pink and apple green. Since my bridesmaids dresses were already in pink, I wanted the color of the flowers to be in total contrast ‘para hindi nakakaumay’. I wanted scattered petals along the aisle but SADP didn’t allow it so my florist suggested to use cloths instead as an added decoration.

I ‘used’ the same flower pots from the church as table center pieces for the reception to save money. Gladly, my florist was kind enough to transfer all the flower pots from the church to the reception free of charge. The green table napkins are from Ikea which I bought for S$ 1.99 /50 a pack. Not bad…not bad at all :)

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Cameron Treasures

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Some of my favourite shots taken last December 2009 at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

IMG_7865  IMG_7882



First three photos were taken from a flower nursery in Cameron



  Lost Insect



At The Butterfly Farm



At the Strawberry Farm


IMG_7825 Tea Plantation



View from the mossy forest

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