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So, I haven’t finish my long and winding posts about our trip to Australia which was almost a year ago to be exact and now I have another set of travel stories to blog about which I doubt I’ll be able to finish before this year ends. Ha!

Anyway, a week ago we went for a short trip to the not so near yet so far city of Seoul in South Korea. It was our first and last major trip this year. We almost didn’t push through because of conflicting schedules but because we’ve been really itching to travel again, we’ve managed to squeezed it in. Thank God!


Upon arriving Incheon Airport, there were 2 things we had to do: 1) buy train tickets from AREX so we can avoid the traffic and get into the city with a breeze and 2) rent a portable Wifi device. We didn’t need to rent a phone anymore to get in touch with our families. All we needed was an Internet connection, Skype, Facebook and of course Instagram.

This is the WiBro egg counter where we rented our portable internet connection. It only costs us KW40,000 for 5 days of unlimited connection. There only a few dead spots. I was able to watch streaming of Kris TV and Be Careful with My Heart (not that it matters!) with no lag so I guess the speed was okay. 

Beside this counter, is the transport booth. The attendants can help you hire a coach, a taxi and even a limo. They also sell AREX train tickets—on sale at KW 8000 per person (was KW13,000). And that’s not all! If you’re planning to commute while in the city, you can buy T Money in the 7 eleven store arrival area. It is Seoul’s transportation card that can be used in public buses and subways. Don’t you love Incheon Airport already?

After the 50 minutes train ride, we arrived in Seoul shocked by the freezzzzing weather. We were obviously not prepared—mind, body and seoul hehehe.

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Written by mella

December 14th, 2012 at 12:18 am