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Of the many tourist destination in Tasmania, Bridestowe Lavender Estate has got to be our favorite! As we stepped out of the car, we heard the buzzing bees and it they seemed like going crazing over something. And as we turn our heads towards the farm we understood why.

So pretty! The fields of Lavender was truly a sight to behold—as in WOW!

Tourists are allowed to stroll through the fields but must avoid walking between rows because bees do not like being disturbed.

keeping a relax face while praying that the bees won’t bite me hahahahaha


We visited Tasmania around the 2nd week of December and we realized that it was a perfect timing. According to the Bridestow website:

Flowering starts around the middle of November and reaches  full splendor during December and January.  Harvesting for dried flower begins around mid December. Harvesting for oil production and distillation begin in January and continue into February, depending on weather conditions.


Sausage Roll with Tomato and Lavender Relish: We had two orders of this because it was that good! We even bought a jar of the relish from the Visitor Centre as takeaway. And yes, the tomato and lavender combo was surprisingly good!

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Written by mella

July 4th, 2012 at 5:04 pm