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Last Day in Tasmania Part1

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Our last day in Tasmania was spent in Hobart. It didn’t matter that we were still very tired from the long drive from Launceston. It didn’t matter that what we really liked to do was just sleep all day, watch TV and order room service. It was after all our last day in a beautiful place  and we don’t know when we are going to be back. So we drag our butts out of bed very early in the morning, got our take away coffee from the restaurant in the lobby of our hotel and drove to Sorell Fruit Farm.

Before finally heading to the farm, we (really meant I) decided to have a decent breakfast in the nearby town. A few days of not having rice, made me feel very weak and grumpy. I told my husband that couldn’t take it anymore. I WANT RICE! NOW! So we circled around the town and found ourselves on a small Chinese restaurant. I didn’t have to look at the menu. I ordered fried rice right away which every Chinese restaurant have.

My first spoonful of it was heaven sent. I felt relieved and happy even though the taste wasn’t really that great (READ: MSG). IT WAS STILL RICE! My husband on the other hand, went to McDonalds and ordered his burger. Sometimes it makes me think, is he really a Filipino? He must have been born in the wrong country.

After the hefty breakfast, off we went to Sorrel Fruit Farm. Entrance fee is at AUD $12 and that already includes the picking containers.

Cherries and wide variety of berries were in season!   

Me, delighted to see an actual cherry tree. I got the pick the fruits too!

Believe it or not, it was my first time picking strawberries. I know we have this in La Trinidad, Benguet but I’ve never been there (sad, I know).

  Last Day2
Our loot. You couldn’t get any fresher than this! Parang fruit juice commercial lang :p

After spending a few hours in the fruit farm, we drove back to the city and dropped by the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens. There we saw locals (half naked men!) sunbathing . The weather was really great that day. Who can blame them?

The Conservatory. I felt like I was in Splendido and brought back memories of our wedding. I found out that this place is indeed a popular venue for weddings in Hobart.

Last Day1 
The park has beautiful collections of different types of flowers, herbs and trees. I think that this is a perfect place to to think, unwind and read a good book.

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