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Nurture Spa Village, Tagaytay

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We actually went here (2 months before the big day) not to do an ocular visit but just to rest, relax and relieve all the stress that accumulated over the course of the wedding preparations. We wanted to enjoy our stay in Tagaytay for a change, instead of just meeting with suppliers.

We got their couple package called ‘Ulayaw’. I find it expensive but since we were too tired already we didn’t have the energy anymore to look for a cheaper place to stay or a cheaper place to eat—our primary goal really, was to have a massage.

The package includes overnight accommodation in an authentic Ifugao hut with set breakfast and one set meal lunch or dinner, plus full body massage and dilag facial or foot massage; all for two.

( We didn’t bring our camera with us during our stay, so all pictures here were taken using our phone. Hence, the quality of the pictures).

Yes, it was indeed an ‘authentic’ Ifugao hut. Downstairs is the toilet.

We were welcomed with ginger tea served with raw sugar.

Inside the hut. It’s a fan room. Good thing it was cold in Tagaytay at the time we went, so no need for air conditioner. It was just too tight inside. We should have checked the hut before paying the down payment.

Toilet was ‘OK’ but it has glass frosted window so your naked butt’s reflection can be seen outside hehehe. I know weird. Good thing the hut was surrounded by a fence so there’s still privacy.

After having a massage, which by the way was the best massage I’ve ever had, we had dinner at their restaurant called Dulang. It has a relaxing Asian theme and it felt so cozy inside.

Iphone Pics and Video
Starters, Ka Cesar Salad and Mushroom soup

I had Chicken Kare-Kare Roulade. The chicken was a bit dry. Would have preferred the ‘original’ kare-kare recipe. The peanut sauce was missing something, couldn’t figure what it was.

While (my now) hubby had Tuna Inasal. Couldn’t remember how this tasted so I can probably say that there was nothing special on this dish.

The garden area. I think this is where their outdoor wedding receptions are held.

Around the pool area

And now… the second best part our stay(at least for me anyway hahaha) was the breakfast we had.

I had Daing na Bangus sided with pineapple salsa, served with egg and garlic rice. This was soooo good! The salsa and deep fried milk fish went so well together.

While (my now) hubby had Longganisa  with fried rice and egg. It was the usual longganisa (read: nothing special)

Hot Tsokolate. THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER HAD! You can really tell that it was made freshly from cocoa beans. The sweetness was just right for my liking. When I go back to this SPA (hopefully soon) I will order three servings of this, promise!

Nurture Spa Village is located at Barangay Maitim II West Tagaytay City, Philippines

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Tagaytay Wedding: Colossians Garden

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A. Soriano Highway, Bgy. Daang Amaya III, Tanza, Cavite



They were fixing the place when we went there. I think they were preparing for the wedding season.



I think this was their toilet.

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