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Almost, but not quite

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And we’re back in the city.

Our quick escape to Bintan was almost perfect. Rudel and i agreed that in all of our past trips to Indonesia this has been (so far) the best yet.  We loved the hotel we stayed in and i really liked the body massage service at Nirwana’s Recreation Centre.
We spent most of our morning in this hut bonding. I loved that we were able to talk about a lot of things without being distracted by  the TV or computer.  To be honest though, we were tempted to use our phones. It’s the hardest part to stay away from specially Instagram, Flipboard and FaceBook (yes, in that order!).

I was really surprised how beautiful the beach in Bintan is. It was almost perfect if not for the tar (black oil) that tainted the place.

Nirwana_Anniv 20132

Our almost perfect dinner. It was good but i think the price was just too much, way too expensive! We had these on our last night. If you ever come to this resort, please please do not order any Korean or Italian food. I don’t know why they even have those in their menu. They obviously have no idea how properly to make them  (to be edible at least!). Their Kimchi soup and Spaghetti bolognese was really yuck and grose! Sorry but those are the only adjectives i can think of. I mean if you really want to please your guests and really want them to be back, invest in your chef! Send them in a Korean or Italian cooking school. I’m sure it will be worth the investment. People will come back again and again because one you have a great place and service and second but most important of all you serve the best food. REMEMBER, good food makes people happy. And if they are happy, they won’t mind spending a lot of money.


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March 7th, 2013 at 11:59 pm

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Well, hello there

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I’m officially back from our 3 weeks vacation but I still want more. It may seemed long but I want another week just so I can stay in my comfy bed and sleep like there’s no tomorrow. I also want a few days off so I can edit our photos and post them here. We took hundreds of them and I really really want to share it with all of you.

Here are some random photos from my iPhone

arrived at Hobart around 10am

then went straight to Salamanca Market after dropping off our bags at the hotel

taken around 8pm on our way to a restaurant for dinner

The sun only begins to set at 9:00pm during summer in Australia and the sun rises at around 5am I think. Looooongggg daaay! Literally.  This was something new to us.

After a few days in Tasmania we went to Melbourne to spend Christmas

taken at Flinders Street Station before Christmas day

This City Circle tram goes around Melbourne CBD and passes major tourists attractions. The best thing about it is it’s FREE!

Tourists must take this warning seriously I tell you. Incoming trams scares me to death.

‘Melbourners take their coffee really seriously’ said a fellow tourist we met in one of the tours and we agree! Even the cafe latte in McDonalds was great. Makes us wonder, where do they get the coffee beans ?

Our simple Noche Buena.  Bought roasted chicken from the supermarket and cooked Mongolian beef stir fry.

outside the Melbourne Museum

Early morning of Christmas day and this was the first thing we saw in the news. Whoever did her makeup must be punished. I mean look at her!

That’s it pansit! More to come, promise.

Happy New Year!

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January 8th, 2012 at 3:20 pm


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Just received this in my Inbox and I’ll all I can say is THANK GOODNESS! You see, we booked a flight with Qantas for our trip this December so when we heard the news about their fleets being grounded that really got us worried. No flight would only mean cancelled trip. We had already booked and fully paid all hotels we will be staying in and we’re not even sure whether the payment is refundable or whether they allow rebooking. But I guess we should leave all our worries behind now since it ‘seems’ that the airline is already in control of the situation.

Here’s the full text of Qantas’ letter to its frequent flyers…


Now that Qantas has resumed normal operations I would like to update you on what the recent decision by Fair Work Australia means for you.
I apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that you or your family experienced during the grounding of the Qantas fleet between Saturday evening and Monday afternoon.
The decision to lock out some of our employees was an immensely difficult one and one that I did not want to have to make. But it was a decision that we were driven to by the industrial action of three unions, together representing less than 20 percent of Qantas employees.
As of last Friday, industrial action by those unions had forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights, disrupted 70,000 passengers and cost Qantas $68 million. Two union leaders had warned that industrial action could continue into next year.
This would have had a devastating effect on our customers, on all Qantas employees and on the businesses which depend on Qantas services.
On Saturday, I came to the conclusion that this crisis had to end. I made the decision to proceed with a lock-out, the only form of protected industrial action available to Qantas under the Fair Work Act, so that agreement could be reached quickly.
Unfortunately, it was necessary as a precautionary measure to ground the fleet immediately after the announcement that a lock-out would take place. While I deeply regret the short-term impact of the fleet being grounded, following the Fair Work Australia decision we now have absolute certainty for our customers. No further industrial action can take place. No more aircraft will be grounded and no services cancelled as a result of industrial action.
You can now book Qantas flights with complete confidence. This is an immeasurably better situation than last Friday, when Qantas faced the prospect of ongoing disruptions, perhaps for another 12 months.
We have now moved into 21 days of negotiations with each of the unions with the assistance of Fair Work Australia. All parties will be treated equally in order to reach reasonable agreements. If this cannot happen, binding arbitration will take place to secure an outcome. We will respect whatever decisions are reached.
Regardless of how and when the agreements are reached, the period of uncertainty and instability for Qantas is over. We are moving forward and putting this dispute behind us.
Our focus now is on our customers. We want to restore your faith by returning our on-time performance to its normal high levels, continuing to invest in new aircraft and lounges and ensuring the best possible in-flight experience.
The end of industrial action means we can concentrate on what matters – getting you to your destination on time and in comfort, offering the best network and frequency of any Australian airline and rewarding your loyalty as a Qantas Frequent Flyer.
Thank you for your patience and for your continued support of Qantas.

Alan Joyce
CEO Qantas Airways

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